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When the story of Hansel and Gretel and the gingerbread house was conceived many years ago, Europe was being devastated by a famine so cruel that parents sometimes had to get rid of their own children to save at least their own lives. Of course, that couldn‘t happen today… or could it?


Two children travel the darkness as two little flickers of light. The actors use light as both a puppet and a symbol. Thus, Hansel and Gretel not only struggle to save their lives, but also their souls, as well as fighting in the ever-present war of light against darkness.

Concept / script: Rufina Bazlova, Anežka Berkmanová

Set design: Rufina Bazlova

Light design: Rufina Bazlova

Performing: Šimon Dohnálek, Lenka Nahodilová, Daniel Horečný, Stephanie Mia Van Vleet / Edita Valášková
Production manager: Adam Svoboda

Suported by: DAMU, NOVÁ SÍŤ, NŽU

/ 30 min

/ czech or english