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According to the latest scientific articles, the human body hosts about 90 trillion microbes. They need us, we need them. How do these organisms affect our behaviour? How do they participate in our everyday decisions? And who is the real master of our body? The production of Medulla transforms the theater space into a microscope lens and offers the audience an insight into the inner landscape of the human body.

Concept / script / dramaturgy: Viktorie Vášová, Boris Jedinák
Directed by: Viktorie Vášová, Boris Jedinák

Costumes and stage design: Alžběta Vitvarová, Františka Malasková
Production manager: Vea Schneiderová, Martina Náhlíková, Adam Bureš
Performing: Martin Belianský, Anita Gregorec, Sebastian Jacques, Edita Valášková

Suported by: DAMU, DISK Theare

Premiere: 15. 2. 2019, DISK Theatre, DAMU, Prague

/ 45 min

/ in Czech with English subtitles