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Being a ninja is a legit job in Naruto's world. By working as a ninja, that person will receive a salary. Naruto's already a professional ninja since he was young, and he had done various official missions given to him. From that, Naruto's salary based on.

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Where is ninja outfit hitman?
HITMAN™ This outfit cannot be found inside the mission Situs Inversus itself. Instead, it is an unlockable outfit used in the starting location at the Mountain Path, unlocked at Hokkaido Mastery level 7. The disguise is unique to Hokkaido; you cannot unlock it as a suit for other maps.
2024-02-01 16:31:40

Who is the 7th ninja turtle?
Venus (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)
2024-01-18 15:24:09

Does ninja have turbo?
Unlike the Busa, the Ninja H2
Ninja H2
The Kawasaki Ninja H2 is a "supercharged supersport"-class motorcycle in the Ninja sports bike series manufactured by Kawasaki, featuring a variable-speed centrifugal supercharger. › wiki › Kawasaki_Ninja_H2
Kawasaki Ninja H2 - Wikipedia
doesn't need any aftermarket turbos, since it already features a supercharger out of the box.
2023-12-26 08:23:19

What does lennie killing mice symbolize?
Clearly, they are an important symbol, as they are even referenced in the title of the book. Ultimately, mice are a symbol of false hope in the novel. Lennie likes to hold soft things, but he often kills them because he is so strong. He often carries dead mice around to stroke as a form of comfort.
2023-09-07 02:26:09

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