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Genshin Impact isn't the most demanding game in the world, but you will want a decent GPU if you want to run it on the highest settings. Here are the minimum and recommended PC specs for Genshin Impact, according to miHoYo.

  • 2024-02-10 13:16:31
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Can ram 4 play genshin impact?
4GB of RAM is generally considered sufficient for running Genshin Impact on a mobile device, but some users may experience performance issues, such as lag or freezing. It's recommended to have at least 6GB of RAM for optimal performance and to avoid any issues.
2024-01-18 09:22:42

Can i delete english voice-over in genshin impact?
Voice-Overs (or Voicelines) are voiced dialogue from Characters. Voice-Overs are available in English, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. The Voice-Over Files for each language can be downloaded and deleted from the Settings > Language > Manage Voice-Over Files Menu.
2023-11-12 20:31:43

Who is the most beautiful genshin impact character?
Reddit user deyan_ivanov has shared the poll results that reveal who is considered the prettiest character in the community. Around 1000 players did the poll and at the top of the list with 81 votes is the Electro Archon Raiden Shogun.
2023-04-18 12:07:09

Can 3gb ram run genshin impact?
Minimum configuration:
3 GB RAM ; Android 7.0 operating system; 8 GB of free storage space.
2023-01-05 14:59:06

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