Can i get a refund on v-bucks?

Can i get a refund on v-bucks?

Can i get a refund on v-bucks?

Products that include virtual currency or other consumables are marked “non-refundable” and are not eligible for refund. Also, most in-app purchases are non-refundable.

  • 2023-03-19 13:50:56
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How do i send v-bucks as a gift?
The short answer to this question is no, you cannot gift V-Bucks in Fortnite. Epic Games has not allowed this feature, as it could well lead to unauthorized reselling sites.
2024-02-20 05:43:48

Can i refund v-bucks?
Fortnite allows players to return or refund items purchased with V-Bucks. Not all items are returnable with Level Up Quest Packs being the notable exception. Battle passes, subscriptions, gifts cannot be refunded but you may submit a ticket for special considerations.
2024-02-18 14:08:32

Can i buy v-bucks code online?
Once you've linked your account you can buy V-Bucks online at using Paypal.
2024-02-10 20:57:17

How do you get v-bucks with a gift card on xbox?
If you are redeeming your card for console, you can also log in using your console credentials. Hover over your name in the top right corner, and then click V-Bucks Card. Click Get Started to begin the redemption process. Scratch off the back of your V-Bucks card and enter your PIN code with no dashes.
2024-02-09 22:53:11

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