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Prefab is an original visual and sound project, set on a formic table, freely varying motifs of everyday life in a block of flats (prefabricated concrete houses) - a symbol of a fulfilled dream of modern living in the countries of the former Eastern Bloc. It is also pre-apocalyptic concrete idyll based on the stories of three nameless neighbours. This project talks about their fragile ordinariness by extraordinary means.


Directed by: Dominik Migač

Concept: Dominik Migač

Dramaturgy: Jakub Maksymov
Sounddeisgn: Mr. Wombat Studio

Set design: Dominik Migač
Performing: Dominik Migač/Jakub Maksymov

Suported by: DAMU

Performnce is from 1. 1. 2020 part of project "New blood on the stage" by Nová Síť

Premiere: 23. 10. 2019, NOD, Prague

/ 30 min

/ nonverbal